Exactly What to Wear and Bring to Your First Hot Yoga Class, According to an Instructor


Hot yoga is a sweaty affair, and what you wear and bring to the studio can make or break your workout. After all, you don’t want to overheat in an already 100-degree room or slip in a puddle of sweat mid-Bakasana. Personally, I’m always soaked during workouts, so I reached out to Sakina Williams, a yoga instructor for more than 20 years and owner of BKBuddha, to find out exactly how to dress the part and what to bring with you. “Moisture-wicking material is best as it does not absorb the sweat which will leave you feeling dry through the end of class,” she said. Plus, “if sweat is absorbed, it will dry quicker than any other fabric and decrease odor.” Read on for her picks, then head into the studio with confidence.

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