Crave Hard Workouts When You Travel? Get Cheap Day Passes to Local Gyms With This App


Ah, hotel gyms. Don’t you just love working out in a closet? The stuffy air, the one creaky elliptical, that little strip of floor where you can almost squeeze in a plank. They get the job done in a pinch, but most hotels obviously aren’t going to be able to provide the same space and equipment as a regular gym. And sure, you don’t always need to work out when you’re traveling, but if you’re on the road a lot for work or just trying to keep up a regular training regimen on vacation, it might be a priority.

One solution? Zeamo. It’s an app on iOS and Android that allows you to access local gyms (over 25,000 of them) in major metropolitan areas all over the globe through a simple pass on your phone. The app offers two options: a monthly subscription plan run through your employer (which is great if you travel frequently for your job) and a “day pass” option if you’re using it on your own. What’s great about that day pass: it’s purely pay-per-visit, with no monthly or sign-up fee.

If you’re as financial-commitment-phobic as I am, that flexibility is a big draw. I got my first-ever gym membership a few months ago, and went back and forth for so long because the year-long membership felt like a huge commitment. You don’t have this issue with Zeamo. It’s free to download, make an account, and scroll through gym options in different cities; you only lay down your money when you’ve chosen a gym. It’s also a nice option for trying out new facilities in your own city without a long-term commitment. Zeamo offers daily, weekly, and monthly pass options for users, though specific gyms might not offer each choice.

Zeamo let me try a day pass for free; click through to see why I loved it.

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