Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons Had the Most Suburban Date in South New Jersey


Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner

Mitchell LeffGetty Images

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons, both multi-millionaires, played regular ol’ for a day in south New Jersey this weekend. Jezebel was first to point out that Jenner and Simmons were reported by society photographer HughE Dillon on his Philly Chitchat blog to do normal suburban things like go to the mall and look at vacuum cleaners. “Yes, it’s true,” Dillon wrote on his blog of the vacuum shopping.

Jenner and Simmons were seen at Best Buy in Wegman’s Shopping Center in Cherry Hill looking at the devices before heading to dinner at Grand Lux at Cherry Hill Mall, per Dillon. Grand Lux Cafe, as Cosmopolitan pointed out, is created by the founders of Cheesecake Factory.

Photos were taken of some of their suburban adventures:

What else did Jenner and Simmons do? They went to Topgolf Mount Laurel to celebrate his older brother Sean Tribe’s birthday. Instagram footage exists of that outing too:

Jenner and Simmons have gotten remarkably more serious in the last couple months since they first started seeing each other again in late November. At the end of February, a source told Us Weekly that they’re fully dating with a label now. “Kendall and Ben have gotten very serious and are very into each other,” a source told the outlet.

“They’re not serious to the point where they’d get engaged any time soon, but they’re really enjoying their relationship and love spending as much time as possible together,” the source added. Jenner, by the way, has regularly been seen at Simmons’s games, wherever in the country they are. She’s been in Charlotte, North Carolina for a game. She’s been in Brooklyn. She’s been in Philadelphia. And now, she and Simmons are committed enough they’re going to south New Jersey in their free time. So this is love…

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