I’ve Been Intermittent Fasting For Over a Year, and This Is What I Eat in a Day


I could talk about intermittent fasting all day. Aside from telling people about the benefits and how this is the easiest, most effortless way to lose weight (I sound like a frickin’ commercial!), I love when people ask me what I eat all day.

To be completely honest, I made a big mistake in the beginning, eating whatever the hell I wanted. I wasn’t focused on monitoring my calories whatsoever, and I ate as many times during the day as I was before I started intermittent fasting. I ended up gaining weight when I was supposed to be losing it.

So I’ve fine-tuned my eating schedule. I’ve tried the Warrior Diet, eating only four hours a day, and I’ve also tried shifting my eating window and skipping dinner instead of breakfast. After almost nine months of intermittent fasting, I’ve discovered that eating from noon until 6:30 or 7 p.m. works best for me. I usually eat lunch, a snack, dinner, and sometimes a snack or dessert after dinner. Here’s an example of what I eat in a day.

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