Guilty As Charged – If Exercise Was Crime


If exercise were a crime tons of young executives, fitness lovers and healthy living loving people will gladly do the time because of the tremendous benefits of living well and living healthy. Only the sick truly appreciate the benefits of good health. That is not to say that healthy people don’t appreciate good health, it is just taking for granted in most cases.

The desire to be attractive and with a great body is an incentive to always want to burn those fats that often make us feel unattractive and undesired. Most young executives strive to look lean and sexy all the time because they know that physical appearance is usually over fifty percent in assessing and accepting who a person truly is. You cannot deny the expectations attached to certain roles in offices, most especially when it come to client facing roles.

Looking Lean and sexy by itself doesn’t come easy because it requires discipline and commitment. It’s not only about exercise most of the time, eating right is a major factor. That is why it is better to create a healthy eating habit early in life and it becomes a second nature as one grows older. The dividends of healthy living is seen more at an older age when energy dwindles faster for contemporaries, you will be waxing stronger.


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